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1. General terms

Personal Training Basel provides services within the range of personal fitness training. The achievements of Personal Training Basel serve for to the health promotion as well as general improved performance and may not be understood not as therapy.

2. Questionnaire and health conditions

The health questionnaire with your health data and your goals as well as a ParQ form are to be filled out equal to beginning completely and obligatory. The customer is obligated to answer the questions truthfully and inform, if something should change. If there are any healthy risks a medical examination can be required of the customer. As personal coaches we take shelter to the professional secrecy.

3. Responsibility and insurance

The customer is aware of that with physical training always a health risk exists. The conclusion of an appropriate insurance is a matter of the customer. Thus coherent demands cannot be claimed with Personal Training Basel.

4. Registration and contract

The registration is directly with Personal Training Basel. With the registration and the signing of the questionnaire the customer accepts the general terms and conditions.

5. Prices and terms of payment

The complete amount of a package or subscription is to be paid 30 days after start of the 1st training. A partial payment of the subscription in two rates can be selected. Here the first rate is to be paid 10 days after start of the 1st training. The second rate takes place 30 days after start of the 1st training.
With single trainings and tests must be paid cash on the training or testing day.

6. Deregistration of appointments

The customer has the right to withdraw free of charge until 24 hours before beginning of a booked personal training. Afterwards a free resignation is no longer possible, i.e., independently of the participation Personal Training Basel will charge the full amount. The participation can be surrendered altogether to another person.

7. Resignation in illness or accident

There are two possibilities if a subscription cannot be converted due to illness or an accident, showing a physician certification. Either you put the training on to later or hand it over to another person. No trainings or subscription are returned.

8. Place of jurisdiction

Solely Swiss law governs the present terms and conditions of use. The exclusive area of jurisdiction is Basel.

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